139,836,044 Infections!!!

Don't be next!

Be honest... You thought you were safe just a few weeks ago.

YOU ARE NOT! And you better start getting realistic about it.

You need help and you need it now. In this fantastic guide Dr. Mike Kelly tells you exactly what you need to do to stay clear of this deadly disease.

Don't believe what they tell you on the news. Listen to someone who has treated infectious diseases for a living.

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Here are some of the questions discussed in detail in the book:

Who's most at risk.
How dealy is it?
Is it possible to transmit it via mail?

Do masks work?
When to go to the hospital.
Steps to take to minimize exposure.

What drugs work best?
How to self-isolate.
What should pregnant women do?

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Coronavirus Survival Guide - Everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family

Mike Kelly, MD.

About the author

Dr. Kelly's vast experience in virology makes him a true expect in the field of viral diseases. He has been responsible for diagnosing viral infections and also investigated the pharmacological response of viruses to antiviral drugs and the evolution of drug resistance. This guide is a combination of his extensive experience.


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